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  • Most of us believe that we are better than the average person: we are more capable, more honest and reliable, more passionate and talented. And this optimistic self-perception also has a specific name in psychology, called the "invisibility cloak illusion".

  • Why do they have such thoughts? Some even consider it fashionable and trendy. In addition to the inherent laziness of human nature, consumer capitalism greatly stimulates the prevalence of this idea of getting something for nothing (so don't be proud, your so-called fashion and uniqueness are actually the same as the ignorant behavior in feudal society, both are manipulated by social trends).

  • The information you receive every day is fragmented, time is fragmented, cognition is fragmented, and memory lasts only three days - whether it is the US or China, whether it is the US presidential scandal or the Sichuan earthquake, the fermentation period of even the biggest news event is only three days, and then it is scattered by various other things.

  • As deep learning, represented by artificial intelligence technology, becomes mainstream, CPUs that have dominated the market for decades may be dethroned; the era of FPGAs with lower costs, GPUs that can process data faster, probability chips that can perform calculations with lower precision, and specialized processors with new architectures competing for the market has arrived.

  • If you really can't do anything, here's a tip: think about things you absolutely don't want to touch. Doing the things at hand will be much more comfortable.

  • What drives these entrepreneurs to promote progress in the world is usually not fame and fortune, but a strong sense of mission and dreams and ambitions full of personal heroism, as well as a precious curiosity that accompanies them throughout their lives in a very small number of people.

  • "Be not afraid of greatness: some men are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them."

  • It is better to lose face when making mistakes. Being afraid of making mistakes when it is time to make mistakes will only lead to more mistakes in the years to come.

  • Weakness and ignorance are not obstacles to survival, but arrogance is.

  • I have always believed that the best way to learn is to do it directly. If you mess up, it's a learning experience, and if you do well, it's an even better learning experience. Zuckerberg never "learned" how to create the largest social network, he just did it. The so-called Learn by doing is also true for assigning tasks.

  • Because I am fragile, I can sympathize with the fragility of others. And drama is an art that tests human nature. When you are vulnerable, everyone will worry about you and help you act, which is the most moving moment.

  • I often tell actors: "If you show so much, you don't need anyone's sympathy. Your role is to make others worry about you and help you act, because no matter how well you act, it's not as good as the audience's imagination."

  • The Internet is not necessarily a cure for loneliness, it may have created even greater loneliness. Bustle and loneliness coexist on the same stage, and in the center of the extremely noisy stage stands an extremely lonely individual, singing for another lonely individual on the other end of the screen.

  • The lower the social class, the better they are at interpreting other people's emotions. They are more accurate in interpreting the expressions and emotions of strangers. - In this sense, people of lower social class actually have more empathy for the pain of others.

  • Don't rush to complain that your talent is not being utilized. When you are still short, it is meaningless to point at the ceiling and curse it for being too low.

  • I believe that every company has its own unique mission. It is nurtured by the founder, but in the end it becomes a community, a community of dreams shared by many people. Just like your child, it grows up with you from an early age, but one day it will become an independent individual.

  • The entrepreneurs we define are not just people who own a company. As long as they are trying to improve their cognition and collaborate with more people to do something unprecedented, they are entrepreneurs in our eyes.

  • BAT, using only 3% of the labor force among the approximately 5 million Internet practitioners, has created nearly half of the industry's output. Then it's strange, what are the remaining 97% of people doing? I took out a piece of paper and made a draft and found that the wealth generated by 97% of Internet people in an average year is less than the average level of their city.

  • In addition, almost all knowledge of quantum physics is counterintuitive, which cultivates a good scientific mindset - everything we see may not be true; everything we believe may not be right.

  • I have read the "Book of Han" before, and I have read it several times, focusing on various aspects such as governance, characters, official systems, military strategies, and financial matters. I seek one thing with each reading. Without reading it several times, I have gained insights into every aspect.

  • The focal effect refers to the tendency of people to see themselves as the center of everything and intuitively overestimate the degree of attention others pay to them.

  • Respect everyone who helps us and learn from everyone who can be learned from. There are too many fools with masters, and geniuses are often unique.

  • Impression management refers to the process by which a person influences others to form an impression of oneself in a certain way, proposed by psychologist Erving Goffman. Goffman believes that an important aspect of social interaction is our intentional or unintentional attempt to manipulate and control the impression we leave on others. For every social interaction, individuals are both a true expression of themselves and a specific influence on the "audience".

  • Learning fragmented things in fragmented time, I doubt whether it can truly gain value.

  • Listening is a difficult thing. It requires you to put down your own things in order to truly hear what the other person is saying. If you cling to your own things, you will not be curious about new things.

  • He recalled some vague memories about his father. After his classmates obtained the skin, he created a death knight character on the "Dream Tree" server and continued playing the game.

  • Design is about discovering the essence and rules of things, and using these rules under given resources to solve problems.

  • The desire for control is enhanced because love exposes more and more vulnerabilities in us. We don't believe that our lover will like this humble self, so we need the tolerance and obedience of the other person to confirm that we are worthy of love.

  • If we can express our thinking process in images and lists, we can discover and correct bugs in a timely manner. After visualization, it will also be more organized and hierarchical, making it easier to break through the boundaries of thinking.

  • Many times, when we talk about the solidification and differences in social classes, it is not just about the wealth gap, but more about the different perspectives and choices of each individual.

  • "Every smart person I have met in my life, from all walks of life, reads every day - every single one of them. And Warren Buffett's reading habits may surprise you. He is a book with two legs".
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